Dress Code, Shoes, and More...

Why do we have a dress code?


Injury Prevention, Tradition, Respect, and Uniformity.  For some great insight, we invite you to read:  http://beyondthebarre.blogspot.com/2017/07/dance-class-dress-code.html?m=1

Do I need the proper shoes?


Would you play ice hockey in flip flops?  
Of course you wouldn't!  
We determine our shoe requirements based on quality, durability, and value.  
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for all your dance attire needs!

The importance of proper level placement


In all courses of study, there are pre-requisites as we must ensure that there is a common base for all students to build upon. Our dancers cannot graduate to the next level until we are sure that they can manage the time and have the strength.  Our goal is to set every one of our dancers up for success!

Dress Codes


Tiny Toes

All female dancers must wear a leotard and tights - any color of your choosing.  All hair must be pulled off of the face.

All male dancers must wear athletic/sweat pants and a tee shirt.

Female dancers will wear pink ballet shoes, white tap shoes, and tan jazz shoes.  Male dancers can wear black shoes - ballet, tap and jazz.


Recreational / Competitive

Jazz / Lyrical / Musical Theater - 

Any color leotard and tan tights; tan jazz shoes.

Tap - 

Black dance pants over the leotard and tights is permitted; Tan U-Shell Buckle Taps through Level 2, Black Tie Shoes Level 3+

Hip Hop - 

Dance Pants, Tank Top or leotards; Dance Sneakers

*Absolutely NO DENIM*

Ballet / Pointe - 

Solid Color Leotard, Pink Tights and Pink Ballet Shoes; All hair must be in a bun. Skirts are optional.

Acrobatics - Leotard and Leggings; Bare Feet

Male dancers must wear athletic/sweat pants and a tee shirt and black shoes.


Please know ...

Teachers have the right to have a student sit out of class if they are not dressed appropriately or do not have the proper shoes.  No student will be allowed to dance in sneakers for any class other than Hip Hop.  Street Shoes are NOT ALLOWED in the studios!

Shoe Requirements



Recreational Shoe Req (pdf)