Primary & Intermediate Dancers


Primary Dancers, age 7-9

Classes are held weekly for 45 minutes - one hour.  We offer Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theater, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, and more!  These classes reapply the focus on technique and introduce a higher level of difficulty for the dancer.  All classes will perform in our year-end recital.

Intermediate Dancers, age 10 and up...

Classes are offered weekly for one hour each in the following genres:  Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Acrobatics and more.  These students will take their skills to a higher level, with technique being the main focus in fun, high energy classes!

All Boys Hip Hop

Our All Boys Hip Hop Crew is FIERCE!

Join Miss Shelby for some fast paced, action packed, hip hop dancing!  All the boys are doing it - its so much fun! 


A form of dance that includes acrobatics elements. Acrobatics teaches flexibility, balance, strength and control.This class will incorporate tricks such as splits, Cartwheels, walkovers, chest stands and more. Mats will be used throughout the class, with an Acrobatic certified instructor. 


We believe Ballet is the foundation for all styles of dance!  Our beginner level dancers meet weekly for 45 minutes.  Levels 1 through 3 meet for one hour.  Level 4 meets twice per week for 75 minutes each class.  Levels 5 and above meet twice per week for 90 minutes each class.  Every level builds upon the last.  Students are placed by recommendation of the teacher.  Ballet is one of our biggest programs and our dancers truly shine in the bi-annual Ballet productions!  


Pointe is a specialty program offered separate from all other classes.  Dancers may go up on pointe by invitation only and only after completing one-two years of pre-pointe.  Once on pointe, dancers are required to attend two 90 minute Ballet classes as well as two half hour pointe classes every week.