Competitive Program @ CPDA


Who are our Dance Teams ...

A unique program for the serious student who along with their academic responsibilities possesses a desire to make dance their main priority.Through class evaluations, and at the directors decision, a student will be asked to enter our intensive program. With Ballet as the foundation, dancers will also study Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/Modern, Pointe, and Hip Hop. Dancers who truly love to dance will have the confidence, desire and passion to achieve success in every class.This program is not for everyone, especially if you love playing sports or are interested in other school activities. No parent or number of years will determine whether a student is placed in this program. Tuition is based on what level the student is placed. 

Red Team

est. 2015

Our minis are having a blast in their Ballet, Tap and Jazz classes.  Last year, 2016-17, they competed two numbers with great success.  They were so proud to bring home Gold medals from their first competitive season!

Pink Team

est. 2014

An amazing group of girls who are enrolled in two Ballet classes, Jazz, Tap, Stretch, and Musical Theater.  Many of them max out their training by taking the optional hip hop, lyrical and acrobatics classes! Last year we were so excited for all their special entertainment awards.

Blue Team

est 2012

Blue team dancers have been together for longer than five years and have become the closest of friends.  They dance their hearts out in two Ballet classes, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Stretch, Musical Theater and Hip Hop.  Some of these girls take all the classes they can get their hands on and are starting Pre-Pointe this upcoming season!

Purple Team

est. 2010 

These friends have been through thick and thin together.  Our oldest group of competitive dancers take two Ballet classes, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Stretch, Musical Theater and Hip Hop.  They love to dance so much that they soak it all up - some take every optional class out there AND many are on Pointe twice per week!